DuraThread™ is currently stocked in the following bead stores in 14 countries across the world.

Ask your local bead store for Dura Thread!


Spoilt Rotten Beads – Cambridgeshire

Begelly Bead Shop – Wales

Stitchncraft Beads – Dorset

Spellbound Beads – Staffordshire

Crafts @ The Malt House – East Sussex

Nosek’s Just Gems – Online

The Bead Queen – Online

Bead By Bead – Nottingham



Tanzee Designs

Home Beads


Hobby Feast – Belgium

’t Kralenhoekje  – Belgium 

shop in Izegem

VilliHelmi Oy – Finland

E-Perle – France

Perles & Co – France

Les Perles De Paline – France

HS-Store  – Germany  – Germany

Taxiarchis Chatzianagnostou Bros SA  – Greece

Beads Mine – Italy

AF Beads – Latvia

Beadhouse – Netherlands

EuroBeads – Romania

7annsParla – Sweden

Fru Parla – Sweden

Monica Bachmann,   – Switzerland


Beading with Beads – Israel


Beads Direct – Ohio, USA

Beads A Million – NY, USA

Bello Modo – WA, USA

Creative Castle – California, USA

Off The Beaded Path – North Carolina,  USA

Southern Beadz – South Carolina, USA